Call me by my name

Sunday 29 July 2018 / poetry

It's 4:51 AM
I've been fighting to update my name on a page
For the past five hours
Almost nonstop
Coming up against the rigidity of Wikipedia editors
Or should I say, Wikicops?

Like the police
In a dispute between one of them
And an innocent civilian
They'll always favour their own
Won't listen to reason
Empathy lost
Defend the authorities at all costs


They say to change my name on a page about an event in 2015 is to change the past
"We can't rewrite history to make one person happy"
"This is a matter of historical accuracy"

Well I'll tell you what's accurate:
Deadnaming can lead to
Gender dysphoria can lead to
Mental distress can lead to
Depression can lead to...

And I'll tell you what's accurate:
Throughout history I've been Ynda Jas
Simply known by a label of the past

Yet records are final
You rigidly rule
And for naming this violence
You paint me for a fool

Cause lost

Call me by my name
Such a simple task

Call me by my name
Is it really so much to ask?