I survive

Thursday 5 July 2018 / poetry

It's been a while.
Last time was after the gender conference

Today it was walking alone on my way home late at night
I'm wearing a pink skirt, but I have it concealed by a muted pink coat
More baby pink leggings are showing, along with my pink hair
I notice a group of four heading in the opposite direction across the street
One has a bike – I’m fast, but I can’t outrun a bike
I put my phone away, look straight ahead and walk with purpose

"Are you a boy or a girl?" one very probably cis woman shouts from the group
"No", I think to myself as I continue walking, gaze unshifted
"Batty boy" they conclude

I want to look over my shoulder in case the one on the bike could be creeping up on me, but turning around may provoke them
I continue

Two minutes later...

"You're a pretty girl" shouts a very probably cis woman sitting across the street
I don't know if they're mocking or being genuine
"(something something) Katie Price"

I walk

I survive

But for how long?