Notes on my name


System Main Alternative
International Phonetic Alphabet /ɪndə d͡ʒæs/ /ɪndə d͡ʒæz/
Pseudo-phonetic in-duh jass in-duh jazz

Synthesised speech example (created with the phoneme synthesis tool [alternative link])


Many of the resources available to download on this site will include my deadname*. If you wish to cite me, please use Ynda Jas regardless of the name I used when I wrote/presented earlier work.

Example: Jas, Ynda. 2015. Sexual Orientation, Phonetic Variation and the Roots and Accuracy of Perception in the Speech of Northern England English-speaking Men. Master’s thesis, University of York.

* Such resources are intended for personal use, but if you wish to distribute them elsewhere then I am happy to provide versions with my name updated on request.